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The Oita brand is presented with iron plates

Enjoy the wonderful ingredients of Oita Prefecture in a high-quality space.

Starting with the highest quality Wagyu beef, "Oita Wagyu",

Please enjoy a wide variety of dishes using ingredients from Oita Prefecture.

A wide variety of drinks are also available.

High-quality space

A lively teppanyaki counter,

There is a counter in front of the window where you can watch the trains coming and going.

A private room where you can enjoy a relaxing time.

We are able to accommodate a variety of situations.

Our restaurant offers the best in terms of food, space, and service.
We will provide you with an irreplaceable time.




The main dish at our restaurant is "Oita Wagyu beef."

At the turning point of the 100th year since the start of the history of "Bungo Beef"*, which has been ranked number one in Japan many times,

It was born as a new prefecture-produced Wagyu beef brand.

* "The Japanese Black cattle breed that has been bred the longest in Oita Prefecture (however, in the case of female cattle, only non-pregnant cattle are eligible)."

Bungo Beef is raised in the rich natural environment of Oita Prefecture and has a glorious history and proven track record.

"Oita Wagyu" is made from high-quality "Bungo Beef" cattle, which are fed rice and beer lees.

This is an exceptional product made from meat of grade 4 or above, raised on farms that are particular about deliciousness.

Please be sure to try Oita Prefecture's Wagyu beef, which we can be proud of for the next 100 years.

Reference: Oita Prefecture Bungo Beef Distribution Promotion Council website

Reservations and Inquiries

Reservations and inquiries by phone

*Please note that it may be difficult to get through on the phone depending on the time.

Reservations via Internet

Contact by email

お問い合わせありがとうございます。Thank you for your inquiry.

*Please note that it may take some time for us to reply.

Business hours and access


2F Fujiyoshi Building, 1-3 Noguchimotomachi, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, 874-0933

Business Hours

LUNCH 11:00-14:00 (Last orders 13:30)

DINNER 18:00 - 22:00 ( L.O. 21:00 )

Closed on Thursday

For passengers travelling by train

1 minute walk from the west exit of Beppu Station on the JR Nippō Main Line

For those arriving by car

There is no parking available, so please use a nearby parking lot.

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